Task: Submit one photograph with research into what makes a good picture


What makes a good picture?

A good picture has to grab the viewers attention from a distance or no body will take any notice of it. It also needs to make the subject of the photo obvious, for example, in the photograph I have submitted the user has made the fox sharper and blurred everything else so your attention is drawn to the fox. this is also done by making sure there is nothing else in the photo that could distract the viewer from the main subject of the photograph.

Light is also a very important factor in any photograph. Photograph literally means “painting with light”. If you haven’t got the light right in your photograph it could easily ruin it, for example, catching the sun in a photograph could create light distortion, ruining it.

Timing is also very important, like in the picture of the fox, the photographer has waited until the moment the fox has closed it’s eyes and is sniffing the air to take the perfect photograph.  also if the picture is telling a story, such as a street scene, you have to wait until you can catch the moment where the photograph will show the most emotion and tell the best story.


Picture: http://thrumyeye.deviantart.com/art/A-l-aise-197858159

Research: http://www.picturecorrect.com/tips/what-makes-a-great-photograph/


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