Task: Watch 3 different television dramas and explain what makes a good drama.

The 3 dramas I watched were:

  • Emmerdale
  • Eastenders
  • Coronation Street

What I have learned from watching these television dramas is that they need to keep the audience coming back for the next episode and they mainly do that by creating small cliffhangers at the end of each episode, this is often done by having a new character or and old character returning and meeting a main character who is surprised by them, or by having something happen to the character(s), such as them being hurt or often kissing a character they shouldn’t have.

In these dramas, there is often a lot of character and story arcs and they are all always developed in each episode.  This causes a lot of things to happen to in a single episode but this also causes a problem that a lot of television dramas have and a good one shouldn’t which is that because lots of things happen in a single episode, just missing one or two episodes could cause a lot of confusion because the viewer will have missed a lot of content which means they won’t know what is happening, this is solved in dramas such as Doctor Who, because it has a different story each episode so if you miss an episode the viewer won’t be as confused because they haven’t missed much important story.

Television dramas (obviously) need a lot of drama because that is what keeps the audience entertained, otherwise it would just be watching people go about there daily lives which would be boring, so to introduce drama he writers will include things like: Illness, romance, cheating, murder, and abuse. I have learnt that some dramas, however, use these too much, for example, Hollyoaks, which uses these thing to cause non-stop drama.


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