Task: Audience Profiling for a Music Magazine


I chose to look at Kerrang! becasue it is a very popular Rock music magazine.

I think that this magazine is aimed at 18-30 year olds who are most likely want to be in a band and are the most able to get to concerts because this magazine often has concert dates for some rock bands. Evem though it is aimed at that age range it could also have older followers but there are less of them than the younger followers.

I also think that Kerrang! is a mostly a gender neutral magazine but with only 5% more males reading it that females. Kerrang! tries to appeal to both genders by using both males and females on it’s covers and by using gender nuetral colours such as black, white, red and yellow.

I think that Kerrang! is aimed more a people with a darker personality because it is aimed at an alternitive audience. They are likely to have a darker sense of humour, this is shown through the comic strips and dry humour in the magazine. Most of the audiencewould stereotyically be going through a dark goth/punk phase because most of the audience would be at the age that the would stereotypically be going through a rebelious phase

Most of the readers would be from the U.K as the location of the magazine is based in Britain and most of the content is based in Britain.

Overall, I think that the reader will most likely be part of the rock culture. This means they follow music relegiously and attend many concerts and other music supported events. This magazine is a specialty magazine that means that it has been aimed at one particular group of people so they would typical like music and rock music specifically.


One thought on “Task: Audience Profiling for a Music Magazine

  1. Miss Cowles

    Good work Sam, you show some clear understanding of audience consumption based on the presentation of Kerrang magazine. Look back over audience theory – especially uses and gratifications as well as audience profiles and think about the type of people, according to the theory, the readers would be – for example aspirers etc. I’d like to see similar analysis of a couple of different genres just to help demonstrate a developed understanding.


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