Task: analysis 3 music magazine covers

3 magazine analysis


One thought on “Task: analysis 3 music magazine covers

  1. Miss Cowles

    Clear comments on the Q magazine cover showing some good understanding. Try to apply audience theory in more detail and explore the representation of Matt Bellamy – you make a good start but I’d like to see more! I love your comment on Ant and Dec – spot on! Look again at the house colours of NME – I’d disagree and say the blue is going against the style rather than the other way around as the red and black are reflected in the styling of the key signifier. Again, your analysis lacks comments on representation – how is the key signifier shown? Why is he shown in this way? Your Kerrang analysis is developing but still lacks exploration into representation and relevant media theories.

    Use slideshare to host documents and then embed them into the posts rather than sharing a link. you are marked on ICT and presentation and this will hold you back.


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