Task: explain casting choices

I have chosen to cast Jamie Cocksedge. I have chosen him because he doesn’t look too out of place compared to other alternative artists. He would be the main singer of the group.

I have also cast Sam Jones as the other member of the group because I think that he would work well in pictures of the group because he contrast Jamie because he is the opposite of Jamie who is tall and doesn’t wear glasses and is not very serious whereas Sam is short, wears glasses and is a lot more serious. I think Sam would work well as the groups guitarist. I think that the contrast of the people I have cast would work very well for an alternative music magazine


One thought on “Task: explain casting choices

  1. Miss Cowles

    Clear justification Sam. It would be nice to have this accompanied with some test shots.

    Currently research and planning is partially incomplete with basic research into similar products and audiences. You are also missing a lot of tasks – look at the checklist provided in the G321 booklet to help you, remember these are the bare minimum and not an absolute list.

    Level 2/8 marks


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