Survey to decide what to call the music magazine

In total my survery got 47 results of which

23 were Male

23 were Female

1 was Genderqueer*



*a person who does not subscribe to conventional gender distinctions but identifies with neither, both, or a combination of male and female genders.


I also asked for their age groups:

Answer Choices     Responses

-10                                    0

10-12                                0

13-15                                 3

16-18                               14

18-20                               8

20+                                  22

And for the final question i asked them which title they liked the most. Musika came out on top and will be the name of my magazine.

Musika – Basque
Umculo – Xhosa
Musik – German
Muziek – Dutch
Muziko – Esperanto
Müzik – Turkish
Musiqa – Uzbeck
Other (please specify)
These answers where:
“I think they are all a bit tacky”
“Music- English”

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