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Interviewer: Before we start, Jamie, are you ok with talking about your past?
Jamie: Yeah, I’m totally fine with that, in fact I believe that my story needs to be heard. I have had comments from fans saying that my story gives them hope. I  completely understand where they are coming from, If I can
get from where I started to where I am now, and then
anybody can do anything if they put in as much work
and effort as I did.
Interviewer: Ok, so as you are probably aware, some
of our readers may not be familiar with your incredible
journey, it is like something out of a storybook
Jamie: *Laughs* I wouldn’t go as far as to call it incred-
ible! Ok, I won’t bore everyone with the extensive de-
tails, those are on our website, which I will explain
later. The fairly short version is that I came from a very
poor family. My mum was a heroin addict and my dad
was a drunk and used to beat my mum and me. By the
time I was 12 I had decided that I had enough, I was
outta there, I packed my very few possessions and left,
my parents didn’t try to stop me, they couldn’t care
less. At first I was so scared, I was a 12 year old sleep-
ing on the streets on my own! At that age I was scared
of the dark, which didn’t help. But soon I joined a
group of homeless, in Norwich, that looked after me.
Being so young was actually a benefit because I could
just sit there and people would take pity on me, but as
I got older, that no longer worked. In the end I had to
turn to prostitution, men, women, it didn’t matter, as
long as the money kept coming. I used some of the
money I earned to buy my first guitar. But sadly with
prostitution, come drugs. I was on cocaine, weed and
even LSD. It was just eating into any money that I man-
aged to scrape together. One day after getting so high, I collapsed into a gutter. I awoke in Norwich Cathedral, laying down on one of the
pews and it turns out that a priest found me face down in that gutter and picked me
up and carried to the cathedral. He got me clean of drugs and onto my own two feet.
He gave me enough money to replace my guitar, that had been stolen, and I
managed to stay clean and busk enough money to start to rebuild my life! If people
want to read the whole story they can go to our website www. The
and there also links to websites that support people in similar situations.
Interviewer: Wow… that story is truly incredible! So, people can get support from
your website?
Jamie: Yep, and in turn, we support them by donating a quarter of our profits from
every gig we do
Interviewer: I bet that really helps them with their projects
Jamie: It definitely does, it allows them to do so much more that they used to be
able to do. We also sometimes do special gigs just in support for them, so all the
money raised goes straight to them
Interviewer: Wow, well thank you for talking with us today, Jamie, and I hope your
band continues doing great and we hope that one day no one will have to go through
what you did!
Jamie: Thank you for having me. One day, one day that will be true!

Fact File

Original Net worth: £0

Current Net worth: £12,000,000

Favourite animal: Lemur

Favourite anime: Kill La Kill

Overwatch main: Widowmaker

Perfect day: A full day of gaming and pizza

Favourite game: Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2006



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  1. Sam your finished product shows a good level of proficiency – you really pulled it together to produce a strong piece.

    Evidence of proficiency in producing material appropriate for target audience and task, showing understanding of conventions of layout and page design as well as awareness for the need for variety in fonts and text size. You have developed your ICT skills to a proficient level and show proficiency in integrating text and illustration.

    Level 3/47 marks


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