Evaluation: In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media.


My magazine both challenges and uses the codes and conventions of real magazines.
The picture I used as my key signifier goes against normal conventions as it is very heavily edited. Most magazine would not do this as it distorts the image, instead they would do light editing to make the person in the image thinner and brighter, while not making it too noticeable. I went against this because I wanted to make Jamie look similar to old paintings of important Christian figure. In these paintings the person is made to look “heavenly” by creating a halo of light around them. I also heavily edited it to make look like its painted, this also helps it to look like those old paintings. I have done this because Jamie is supposed to be a reformed character and was rescued by religion, so I tried to express this in the editing of the photo.
The text on the cover, however, does follow the conventions as it is mostly one font, but in different sizes to draw attention the text in the bigger font, this is done on almost every type of magazine and this also proves that it must work, if every type of magazine uses this convention. The banner at the top also fits normal conventions as it is very contrasting colours and in large text to draw attention to it, it is also used to display an offer, which a lot of other magazines do. Also it is at the top, which is the same as a lot of magazines, and this is because when the magazine is in a shop they will be stacked so you can only see the top quarter of the magazine, this is also why my masthead is at the top too, because then it can be seen when they are all stacked on the shelves.


My contents page fits most conventions of music magazines, It is common for a magazine to use two fonts and sizes for the actual contents list, so I have done the same by making the main “titles” of each page a clearer font and larger so it stands out more and then the smaller text in the magazines main font, which is “Chalkduster” I chose this font because it also fits similar alt rock magazines which are often made to look scribbled, which I think this font makes it look like.
I have also used this font for the titles of the different sections. I have done this because magazines that split up the sections of the contents often use the main font for these titles. I have also purposely split the sections up, which is similar to a lot of magazines, such as Kerrang and NME
I also used the convention of having an image relating to one of the pages taking up a large portion of the page, I have used the same format as kerrang as they also often have the picture taking up the top half of the page.
Also a lot of rock and alt rock magazines have a small editors note, which in my finished product has the picture of my editor. It is conventional for the pictre to be on the left and the text on the right and the text to be a direct speech from the editor to the reader, however most magazines, like Kerrang, have a little speech about what has been happening and what they have been doing. I have instead made the editor text talk more about the magazine and what is in it.
I also included a small box which talks about magazine subscribtions and the price and phone number for ordering one. A lot of magazines do this so it fits a popular convention but I have also tried to keep it to my theme of black, red and white, if I want to break this conventin slightly I could have not used my theme colours but instead used brighter colours. I have also changed the font for the phone number into a plain font so it is easy to read, I did this because I noticed in my reseacrh that a lot of other magazines try to make important information like phone numbers and URLs in a plain font so it is easy to read as well.



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