Evaluation: What have you learnt about technologies from the process of cronstructing this product?

From construsting this product, I have learnt a lot about photoshop, such as learning how to manipulate text to allow for coloumns of text and how to overlay text over pictures, but I think I could learn a lot more as i had a lot of problems and often had to ask classmates for help but this also helped me to learn even more. From using photoshop I have also learnt how to slightly touch up photos instead of constantly over-editing them and how to change the format of the things I am saving so they save into a non-photoshop format, such as a jpeg format, this then meant I could easily put the files onto wordpress. I also learnt how to change the size of the canvas I was using so instead of creating a blank document and trying to guess the size I needed, I could just open the picture for my double page spread, in an A4 siz and then double the size of the canvas making it the correct size.

I have also learnt how to use the Pixlr app for my IPhone. I had never used this app but from doing this product I have learnt how to do a range of things from adjusting things like the brightness, temperature, sharpness and contrast of the photos; to cropping and adding frames and filters, learning how to use this app has allowed me to easily create my cover key signifier.

I had also never used a Mac desktop computer, but from doing our media lessons, I have learnt to easily use the apps and become accustomed to the setup of the Macs instead of using a regular PC, this was not easy as I was very confused but over time I have become able to easily use them without much trouble


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