Evaluation: Who would be the audience for your magazine

My music magazine is aimed at 16 to 25 year old’s and at either gender.  I have decided to aim my magazine at this age group because I believe that it is this age group that would be most likely to be interested in alt rock music.  I think this because my magazine is very similar to Kerrang and they have a similar audience, and also my research also gave similar results. This age group is also the stereotypical audience for rock and alt rock magazines. I tried to beat this stereotype but I found that it was quite hard to prevent it and in the end I thought it would be best to not worry about the stereotype and go along with it instead, which in the end worked out well.

I also set the price of my magazine to £3.99 so it would be affordable for my target audience, because most people at that age wouldn’t have much money and would either be working at minimum wage or on an allowance. This is also cheaper than most other alt rock magazines, so most people would purchase my magazine instead.

As I said in the first paragraph my magazine is aimed at both genders. I did this my making magazine genderless, so there is nothing that would appeal to either gender any more than the other, I did this by avoiding any stereotypical gendered colours such as blue or pink. I wanted my magazine to be genderless so that it would have roughly twice the audience than it would have if I aimed it at a single gender, this would mean the magazine would sell a lot more and bring in a lot more money, which would help cover its cheap price.


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